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Cold Process Soapmaking the old fashioned way and lots more! Find out how we do it! 


Our Philosophy

Learn more about our values and philosophy here on the the Hill...Peace, Love, Soap!


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Clean Bubbles

Online store now open!

Need soap? Our online store is now OPEN with lots of great products available to ship straight to you.  Local delivery/pickup is also available.  Don't run out of your favorite scents!

New Market Update! 

We are proud to announce that Zarko Hill will be returning to the market scene this summer at The Farm at Catawissa Creek every other Saturday beginning June 4, 2022!  This is a new market, located at 9542 Sycamore Drive, Catawissa, PA.  For more information, check out, and be sure to stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates and market specials!

Zarko Hill stands in Solidarity with our Community

It is in times of trial and tribulation that the true character of a person, organization or business comes to light.  Over the past years, we watched as our community (and our world) moved from an unprecedented pandemic situation to a protest movement against repeated civil rights violations towards People of Color to a bitter insurrection attempt on our country's democracy to the invasion of Ukraine.  These days are a reminder to us here at Zarko Hill about our own ethical responsibility to support positive values in our community and beyond.  We continue to work toward moving in new directions, with goals that are aligned with community support for people of all backgrounds, that recognize the privilege we have as a small business to provide support to our community and to focus on the positive energy we can all harness to change the world.   Whether it’s a pandemic or the continued fight against social injustice, we are all in this together. Can a bar of soap change the world? We hope so.

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