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No SLS in
our recipes!



100% of Our Fragrances
are Pthalate Free

Phthalates are everywhere, and are even described by this article as Chemical Enemy Number One.  In the past few years, researchers have linked phthalates to a number of medical issues and concerns.  In most cases, phthalates have no necessary reason to be used - and we feel that our soap is one of those instances.

The good news is - most companies are embracing the move toward eliminating phthalates from our daily lives, and we are able to find quality phthalate-free fragrances from reputable suppliers.  We are dedicated to  keeping our products phthalate-free.

Natural Colorants
and Real Soap

Detergents are a common ingredient in most store-bought soaps.  These include SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate) as the most common.  It's purpose is to create lather and lots of bubbles and act as a surfactant, but it's also linked to possible skin irritation and other medical concerns as reported by the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep database.  We feel it's probably just best to leave thathis product out.  Our soap suds up because of the properties of the natural oils we use to create them.  No chemicals needed for our cleaning power!

Synthetic colors are the same as those you find in many products as well.  They are often labeled with an FD&C followed by a color and a number (i.e., FD&C Red 40).  We just feel that a natural colorant is probably better for you than yet another chemical being slathered on your skin.  We use natural pigments, clays, sustainable micas, and vegetable based colors in our products.

Cruelty-Free Sustainable Ingredients 

We are animal lovers at Zarko Hill Craftery, plain and simple.  We only recently lost our craft room mascot...a lovable senior black lab named Bubba, and our very first soap, Sunny Moon Lemongrass was named in memory of the first dog who kept my feet warm in the craft room.  We simply cannot support suppliers who do not pledge to be cruelty free, and this includes our palm oil suppliers. 

We use only responsibly harvested palm oil and ethically-sourced mica.  We also buy in bulk to reduce our own carbon footprint, and we use recyclable or biodegradable materials in our packaging and shipping.  We've only got one Earth, and it's our job to take care of it the best we can.

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