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Well, Hello There.

So, after a couple years of soapmaking and managing a fun little business here on the Hill, I decided I needed one more thing to do - welcome to the blog, my friends. I know, I'm probably nuts. But this is such a great way for me to tell you all everything I would love to tell you when you sniff my soap at a craft fair or market. The love that goes into it...the science...the tears sometimes too. Ever wonder about our names? Yep, they all have stories I would love to share. Plus, we take on a lot of things outside of soapmaking - fun stuff like amateur homesteading, sewing, crocheting, and being a total earth-saving nerd. Oh, and I'm decluttering this year - for real - and that includes the craft room/soap studio so who knows what that will unearth in the way of things to talk about. Never know what this Irish Girl might write about...

But mostly soap! How about "Science Saturdays" where we discuss the geeky parts of soapmaking? I have one ready for Saturday that outlines the science of the magic that happens in 3.5" x 16" wooden molds lined with freezer paper. Oh, that's another thing - pictures and videos of my actual soapmaking process - always fun to see your favorite bar in pudding form, right? :) Kind of like that time I watched the How It's Made episode about hot dogs...i don't actually recommend watching that one though it makes you oddly hungry for hot dogs when you do. (Curious? Here it is!

SO without further ado and distraction it's back to taking inventory (oh the fun of COGS accounting) and planning out this coming year's soaps, scrubs, and maybe even a few new products? (No, really, I think I got the body butter recipe tweaked...that's a fun story for another blog post...)


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