Soul Sisters Bar Soap

Soul Sisters Bar Soap


The perfect blend of tea tree and eucalyptus Essential oils that will make you want to sing Voulez-vous sentir ce savon?  (Admit it - you’re singing it.)


Ingredients: Olive oil pomace, coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, castor oil, water, lye, mica, phthalate-free fragrance.


Bar Weight: 4 oz.


  • Making Your Soap Last

    Handmade soap goes through a significant curing process to remove any water retained in the manufacturing of the soap.  When you put it back into the humid environment of your bathroom, it likes to suck that water right back up.  To make your bar soap last longer, keep it in a soap dish that can drain so that the bar dries completely between each use.   Our scrubby washcloths also work great since they lather enough for one full shower with just a few rubs on our bar soap!